TSSSU, HKU Eng. Newsletter

Location services have become an essential part of our modern lives. The widely available global positioning system (GPS) serves us mostly OK but when it comes to indoor environments, where people spend about 90% of their daily time, GPS simply does not work. Realizing the shortcomings of GPS, people started working on alternative technologies to provide location services indoors since almost two decades ago. However, due to their relatively high deployment costs, the availability of indoor location services have been extremely limited and rarely known to consumers.

Fano Labs, a TSSSU@HKU backed spin-off from HKU, was founded in Jan. 2015 in Hong Kong with the ambition to truly bring indoor location services to the society by constructing a global indoor localization database (GILD) using crowd-sourcing-like technologies. The initial deployment efforts of Fano Labs will focus on Hong Kong.

The founding team of Fano Labs consists of two key members, Prof. Victor Li and Mr. Miles Wen, but is currently expanding. As of now, Prof. Victor Li, Chair Professor of Information Engineering and Head of Department of EEE at HKU, serves as the chief technology advisor who oversees and steers the overall technological development of Fano Labs while Mr. Miles Wen, PhD candidate (EEE) at HKU and Fulbright scholar (EECS) at UC Berkeley, runs the daily operations of Fano Labs and strives for creating a team of awesome people to fulfill the vision of the company.