Personal growth. At Fano Labs, whatever your official job title is, you will own some parts of our products, touch the core systems and algorithms, meet our high-profile clients, and understand some business operations etc. We strive to make sure that our teammates can keep challenging themselves, exploring and learning new things, and becoming an even better individual every single day.

Coolest technologies. You should have grown tired of hearing these fancy buzzwords like artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and big data (BD) etc. Why not come along and start working on these? If you are already an expert in these domains, we will fully unleash your potentials. If you had limited experiences in these fields, we will make you a cool experts in the years to come.

Comfortable working environment. We adopt flexible working hours with a very spacious office space in Hong Kong Science Park. You will work on cool MacBook Pro's, with comfortable wrist pads, large monitors, and ergonomic chairs. You will have access to powerful GPU machines, enjoy free coffee and snacks and lots of good books.

Stock participation. All full-time team members of Fano Labs will particpate in our employee stock option plans (ESOP) and own part of the company.


We welcome people from different backgrounds with different working experiences, but we need you to have

  • Proficiency with Python (Java developers are also welcome);
  • Basic familiarity with Git and MongoDB;
  • Basic familiarity with microservices and RESTful API.

More specific requirements on different roles include:

Backend Engineer

  • Responsible for development of product's business logic, making magic happen with latest AI technologies.
  • Solid skills on algorithms and data structure.
  • Familiar with Machine Learning technologies e.g. TensorFlow, Keras, SciKit Learn.
  • PLUS: Experiences in C and Cython.
  • PLUS: Solid skills in mathematics, particularly in optimization algorithms and probability theories.
  • BIG PLUS: Research & development experiences in data mining, machine learning, and related fields.

Frontend Engineer


  • Work in a team to deliver all products with strong attention to details.
  • Work closely with product and design teams to deliver the best user experiences.
  • Deploy and debug cross browser/platform applications.
  • You seriously test your changes before hitting the main branch.
  • Document your application design and codes.

Technical Requirements:

  • Engineering or computer science degree or equivalent.
  • Solid understanding on browser behaviours, data structures and design patterns.
  • Writing readable, testable and reusable web components/codes in mind.
  • Hands on experience in JavaScript frameworks/technologies like React/Redux, webpack, HTML5/LESS or any other relevant, (ES7/Typescript is a PLUS).
  • Experience working with RESTful APIs, (GraphQL is a PLUS).
  • Experience building progressive web application (Nice to have).
  • Experience with workflow Scrum/Kanban, CI/CD, TDD/BDD.

DevOps Engineer


  • Work closely with engineering teams to deliver the best scaling infrastructure.
  • System integration, system monitoring, and deployment automations.
  • Production system setup and deployment for various customer needs.

Technical Requirements:

  • Engineering or computer science degree or equivalent.
  • Solid understanding on VM, network configuration and system security.
  • Writing readable, testable and reusable service components/codes in mind.
  • Hands on experience in deployment technologies like Kubernetes/Docker or any other relevant.
  • Experience deploying dockerized microservices architecture.
  • Experience auto scaling primitive and cloud infrastructure (Nice to have).
  • Experience with workflow Scrum/Kanban, CI/CD, TDD/BDD.

Test Engineer

  • Responsible for system testing, preparing test cases / test scripts and other relevant documents.
  • Responsible for client issues log during UAT stage, as well as during production support.
  • Familiar with Python testing framework (e.g. pytest).
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • PLUS: Familiar with tools for web application testing and RESTful API testing.
  • PLUS: Experiences in Test Automation and/or Continuous Testing in DevOps.

Business Development Associate / Manager / Senior Manager

  • Responsible for conducting various business development activities in Hong Kong & China.
  • Good communication skills in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.
  • Prior working experiences in business development and related work required.

We are very excited to hear from you.